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3.10.2014 ob 19h


Gallery MKD (Metelkova - Masarykova 24, Tiffany, Ljubljana)

4.10. 2014 ob 15h


part of the event Day of Open Spaces (construction site Tobačna, Ljubljana) 


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           Event SKLJ14 consists of two parts that connect the three participating organizations, i.e., Gallery MKD Ljubljana (Macedonian Cultural Society), City Creative Network (CCN, Skopje) and ProstoRož, public space initiative from Ljubljana. 

The project SKLJ14 is a continuation of the collaboration between CCN and ProstoRožan that begened on the creative festival Skopje Creative Hub 2014 that took place in August 2014 in Skopje in the organization of  CCN. Focus of the event in Skopje and in Ljubljana is problematic public space, which can be observed in different segments of the environments. Exchange of culture and experiences to which we aspire will happen through presentations and a debate, where we will present projects of detection and reinterpretation of degraded public space in Skopje, made at Skopje Creative Hub 2014. 

The next day, the logic will be turned upside down, and an example of good practice from Macedonia will be presented. On 4th of October CCN together with members of the MKD Ljubljana in collaboration with ProstoRož will roast peppers outdoors for the preparation of traditional Macedonian dish called Ajvar and thus they will present a public ritual that takes place every year on the streets of Macedonia and is the part of life outdoors. Through this event we will tried to contest the lack of such outdoor activities in Ljubljana, besides the high design quality of the public places. 

Prepared by Macedonian Cultural Society MKD Ljubljana and City Creative Network (CCN).  

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