Description and Mission of Organization:

As a group of young creative professionals we believe that raising awareness about citizens’ participation in public spaces is what cities of today need. To achieve this goal we are establishing an international network of young creative professionals - a place to meet> collaborate> create> act. We develop new concepts about alternative and creative use of public spaces together with the citizens. This responsive international collaboration stimulates and sustains citizens’ engagement. Our work is defined by cross- disciplinary, critical and innovative approach to urbanity.
Young creative people are fundamental for the development of a city and its identity. They must be involved in urban policies!
We set up and maintain City Creative Network (CCN) in Skopje, a multilayered center for development of new creative ideas and implementation strategies. It is a network that acts on local level but also addresses general problems in urban space on regional and European level. The main activities include hosting international project based collaborations and public discussions on current issues in urbanity and citizens’ participation. CCN is intended to grow into an idea-generating tank and an educational center with a shared database, a reservoir of fresh design proposals and relevant knowledge for alternative use of public space. CCN connects to the most groundbreaking creative tendencies currently existing in Skopje and expands their field of action.
As an initiating group, our strength comes from our personal experience within diverse creative and cultural fields. We are internationally local, originally from Skopje, with working experience in Zurich, Ljubljana, Vienna, Tokyo, Lisbon, Milan and Amsterdam.

Main Activities of the Organization:

- International design workshops and urban interventions;
- Public debates, discussions and meetings about citizen participation in public space;
- Publishing and creating database of information on creative approaches to public space;
- Educational events, exhibitions and promotions.

Objectives of the Organization:

- Searching for alternative and creative use of public space
- Provoke close contact and interaction with the public space by designing urban interventions
- Expand the notions of reading and being present in public space
- Promotes the citizens’ awareness about the city as a subject of perception and interpretation
- Develop strong networks that act on the local level but also address general problems in urban space on regional and European level
- Collaboration between young creative people through cross disciplinary approach
- Development of new creative ideas and implementation strategies
- Create sustainable platforms for meeting>collaboration>creation>acting in public spaces
- The long term success of this organization will be the establishment of an international network for young creative professionals and the creation of a knowledge database for alternative approaches to urban development.

Main Sources of Income:

- Grants
- Cultural funds
- Competitions

Founders of the Organization:

Milan Dinevski
Executive director:
Erina Filipovska
Creative director:
Damjan Kokalevski


Elena Dinovska, Ivana Kostovska, Galina Strachkova, Darko Krstevski, Ivana Angelovska