Exchanging Memories and Information in Public Spaces

- MEDS Workshop 2013, REACTION in Graça, Lisbon -

 *Urban Space can be found within an individual, rather than out in public.

It is the duty of an individual to seek out public space to become a part of the public, until the duty becomes an instinct and the public space becomes unconditional.                                                                                                                                                                                             

*Urban Parliament, Lisbon 2013

 concept and information:

Our project was created as a part of the workshop titled REACTION (MEDS 2013) that was consisted of a series of small urban interventions (ACTIONS) on chosen locations around the Graça neighborhood in Lisbon.  The main idea behind the workshop was to provoke participation by the residents of Graça through proposals for alternative uses of public spaces.  At the same time the proposals contested the gentrification process that is rapidly changing the area.

REACTION 15.2 developed small art interventions that were installed at eleven locations around the neighborhood. The various installations are centered around the idea of exchanging memories between the users and the site on one hand and imprinting information in urban space on the other. By pointing at some hidden characteristics of the sites, our interventions expand the ways of reading and using public spaces in Graça. The interventions are highly visible and interactive but small in size, provoking close contact and participation. Part of the assignment for our group was to develop a branding strategy for the workshop integrated in the installations.



Damjan Kokalevski; Milan Dinevski;

and Group REACTION 15.2:

Ivana Kostovska, Anastasija Kanazarević, Arron Wilson, Hania Skapska, Vlasta Kubusova, Kveta Kubusova, Manuel M. De Las Heras, Kristina Collender, Janine Tüchsen, Igor Sladoljev, Aurora Baba, Lukasz Jan Orlowski, Alberto Valiente Gonzalez, Alberto Galindo Perez

dates + exhibition space:

Exhibition opening 27. November at 19.00 h.

Gallery MKD Ljubljana, Masarykova cesta 24, SI-1000 Ljubljana



The exhibition was produced by CITY CREATIVE NETWORK (CCN) Skopje, co-produced by MKD Ljubljana and the Municipality of Ljubljana.

poster/flyer design:

Neda Firfova, Tokyo/Skopje


technical support:

HONOR doo, Skopje



RULE TURS export – import, Skopje



Slobodan Spasovski, Ljubljana/Skopje


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