Kiosk K67. Metamorphoses of a System.

Opening of the exhibition Kiosk K67. Metamorphoses of a System at the gta Exhibitions. Almost five years ago we started a discussion with Prof Philip Ursprung and Milan Dinevski during the seminar week in Skopje about bringing a kiosk at the ETH Zurich. Finally, the project realised as a collaboration with the Museum of Architecture and Design Ljubljana MAO who together with Milan Dinevski found a kiosk in Ljubljana which was fully refurbished. It was a pleasure to be take part in the opening discussion together with the curator of the exhibition Maja Vardjan MAO, the designer of the K67 Saša Mächtig, Prof Philip Ursprung D-ARCH, Milan Dinevski MAO, Fredi Fischli and Niels Olsen gta Exhibitions. We hope the kiosk will become an instigator of further research on Yugoslavian architecture and design legacy.