Impressions from the opening events of Nautilus Konstrukt 

Date : Friday 18. and Saturday 19. September 2015
Place: Riverbank of Vardar, in front of the Youth Cultural Center (MKC) Skopje

The Project

NAUTILUS is an extraordinary story for a KONSTRUKT of a new public stage at the riverbank in the centre of Skopje. A stage to host theatre plays, music performances, and public gatherings of any kind – above all a place for independent culture. NAUTILUS KONSTRUKT is an international, collaborative, and activist project which echoes the zeitgeist of the post-earthquake Skopje (1963) – an open, cosmopolitan and progressive city. The stage stands in stark contrast to the recent remaking of the city by a large governmental project called ‘Skopje 2014’ and is a beacon for free artistic expression which embodies the active citizen. NAUTILUS KONSTRUKT was built by a group of students, architects, citizens, craftsmen and artists in a period of three weeks in July 2015 in Skopje. The project was organized by the NGO City Creative Network (CCN) Skopje, and TEN Zurich.


A two day festival with audio-visual performance by Kristina Pulejkova & KNNT - London/Skopje; Movie screening and artist talk by gta Exhibitions & Kaspar Müller - Zurich/Berlin, Kumjana Novakova - Skopje/Sarajevo; Book launch with CITY CREATIVE NETWORK (CCN), Damjan Kokalevski, Milan Dinevski - Skopje/Ljubljana/Zurich; Dance performance with Aleksandra Petrusevska and DJ Herzel, Bitola/Berlin; Concert and DJ Sets with JUNE, DJ Baltronic, VJ Dorotej – Skopje; Exhibition by Architecture Faculty Skopje…


Elena Dinovska, Ivana Angelova, Darko Krstevski, Damjan Kokalevski, Milan Dinevski / City Creative Network (CCN) Skopje


Boris Jurmovski


*The opening was organised by City Creative Network (CCN) Skopje as a part of the ACT4CITY project. ACT4CITY is funded by Balkan Arts and Culture Fund BAC. BAC is supported by the Swiss Government through the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and the European Cultural Foundation (EFC)


Book launch 

SCH2014: New Content in Public Space

CITY CREATIVE NETWORK (CCN), Damjan Kokalevski, Milan Dinevski - Skopje/Ljubljana/Zurich


Audio-visual performance 

Epicentre by Kristina Pulejkova & KNNT - London/Skopje


DJ Set and GIF Art 

Galathea and Nikola Radulovik - Skopje/Kumanovo


Movie Screening 

SK2014 by Kumjana Novakova - Skopje/Saraevo


Movie Screening and Artist Talk 

Colmar&Strasbourg by gta Exhibitions & Kaspar Müller - Zurich/Berlin


Dance performance 

TWO by Aleksandra Petrusevska and DJ Herzel - Bitola/Berlin


DJ Set

Herzel - Berlin