NAUTILUS CONSTRUCT: Building an Open Stage for Skopje


Building of NAUTILUS CONSTRUKT in Skpoje

15. 07 - 05. 08. 2015

Photos by: Ana Lazarevska

After 3 weeks of hard work and incredible dedication of all participants, we are proud to say that NAUTILUS CONSTRUCT stands in Skopje! Thanks to everyone who believed in the project and made it a reality. We will be back with more updates very soon...



Call for participants 

Realisation of the project NAUTILUS CONSTRUCT: Building an Open Stage in Skopje this summer! 

dates: 15-30 July

location: bank of the river Vardar a front of MKC

orgranizer: CITY CREATIVE NETWORK (CCN) Skopje together with Ensamble Zurich

participants: 20 students of architecture from ETH Zurich and AF Skopje

mentors: Damjan Kokalevski and Berit Seidel (Chair of prof. Philip Ursprung/ETH Zurich)

co-mentors: Milan Dinevski (CCN, Skopje) and Nemanja Zimonjić (Ensamble, Zurich)

supporters: Prince Claus Fund, The City of Skopje, MKC, Ministry of Culture of RM, ETH Zurich

link of the news at AFS



A project for a new Public Stage in Skopje. A new Stage on the River, one to host theatre, music performances and public gatherings of any kind. A place for culture. A public stage as an opportunity to re-frame and imagine new possibilities of performances and enhance relations in-between Skopje’s epic and sometimes unusual ranges of public spaces and its inhabitants. The primary idea came from the local independent theatres (Wonderland and Theatra), who needed public space for performance and expression. The stage is a reaction to the lack of public space initiatives in Skopje and gives this group and others a stage where freedom of expression is imperative. The stage will be placed near the Youth Cultural Centre (MKC) and can be accessed 24h. The stage is a multifunctional, open-wooden structure, preferably mobile/modular and easily adaptable. It is in the centre of Skopje, but still in a very underdeveloped public area along the river embankments of Vardar. This area will soon experience major changes orchestrated by the city of Skopje aimed at becoming a new cultural area that connects the two riverbanks that will thereby strengthen the perimeter of the site for the stage and enhance this notion of a room on the water. A room to stay.


Preliminary design


Scenarios of use


Development of the design


Construction analysis