Debalkanize! A Journey to Macedonia & Kosovo


City Creative Network (CCN) Skopje together with Dubravka Sekulić and Kosovo Architecture Foundation (KAF) Prishtina organized and hosted this semester’s seminar week with the chair of Prof. Philip Ursprung (gta/ETH Zurich) titled: Debalkanize! A journey to Macedonia & Kosovo. Together with a group of 40 architecture students, artists and architectural historians we embarked on a 5 day journey that familiarized the Swiss to the Balkans, and challenged the preconceived stereotypes about this region along the way. We met the bustling, young, and fresh Prishtina; discovered the story of the 70’s monuments in Veles, Kruševo and Kavadarci; visited the wine region Tikveš and the textile region Štip; and finally discovered the incredibly international and cosmopolitan spirit of the post earthquake Skopje. Its architectural jewels of the 60’s and 70’s are still standing for an open society with a strong belief in progress and cultural internationalism. We met the local architecture heroes, artists, activists, students, citizens and even joined some of their causes. We enjoyed the incredible food, wine and rakia and… 

We discovered our region anew through your foreign experience and engaging discussions. It was an incredibly inspiring for us and our work and we thank you sincerely for this. We look forward to collaborate with you again. 

Until very soon, 
Damjan Kokalevski 
Milan Dinevski 




































Photo: Tim Klauser; Pascal Ryser; CCN



The Reader


organization: Professor Philip Ursprung

booklet: Dubravka Sekulić, Damjan Kokalevski, Itamar Bergfreund, Tim Klauser, Sabine Sarwa, Berit Seidel, Michael Stunzi, Milan Dinevski and Team Ursprung

local host: City Creative Network (CCN) Skopje; Kosovo Architecture Foundation (KAF) Prishtina


Thanks to Charlotte Malterre Barthes - Chair of Prof. Marc Angelil, for the support with materials


February 2015

ETHB Zurich/Department of Architecture/

Institute for History and Theory of Architecture/

Professor for History of Art and Architecture Prof. Dr. Philip Ursprung

Photo: CCN



16 - 21 March 2015

Prishtina, Macedonia and Skopje

Debalkanize! is a seminar trip hosting a group of 40 professors, researchers and students from ETH Zurich, organized by Prof. Dr. Philip Ursprung, the Chair for the History of Art and Architecture from ETH Zurich together with Damjan Kokalevski and Milan Dinevski from City Creative Network (CCN) Skopje and Bekim Ramku from Kosovo Architecture Foundation (KAF) Prishtina.