Our book SKOPJE CREATIVE HUB 2014: NEW CONTENT IN PUBLIC SPACE has been freshly printed. It is a summary and a conceptual guidebook through the projects, discussions and the public program, which were developed during the ten days of SCH. It is intended to reveal the conclusions, statements and the background of the project within the context and specificities of Skopje. Above all we present the curatorial aspect of our work in the process of preparing and realizing the SCH. Browse through the images below or have a look at the digital version of the book here. If you are interested in a printed copy please write us an email and we will do our best to send you one. We will have a book launch during the summer 2015 in Skopje.


Publisher: City Creative Network (CCN) Skopje

Editors-in-chief: Damjan Kokalevski and Milan Dinevski

Design: Neda Firfova

Proofreading: Marko Icev

Photographs: Ana Lazarevska

Print: Datapons; edition: 250; pages: 104

Supporters: Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development, The City of Skopje, MKC - Youth Cultural Center Skopje

CCN would like to thank: Jana Stardelova, Darko Krstevski, Ivana Vidovska and Globko Logistics, J.P. Gradski Parking Skopje, HI Skopje Hostel,, IF Creativa, Adv. Slavica Anastasovska, Hotel Duvet, Gallery MKD Ljubljana, CAC Skopje


Digital version of the book:


download BOOK SCH